Black magic is a very toughest, strong, powerful and dangerous magic. And fight against black magic is very tough for human being. Muslim Prayer against Black Magic is the way which uses for remove the black magic from the victim’s body. We all know the black magic is power of supernatural and Paranatural power and as a human being we are not able to defeat the black magic. For defeating this we need the same power and the power is god’s power because at one hand where the bad energies lives in the world at the same hand good energies are also here to help the people. Muslim astrology gives’ slot’s of ways by using which we can do prayer of god and these ways are Wazifa, dua, ibadat, istikhara and Amal these are the way by using which you can make prayer to Allah for reducing black magic effect.

Dua to remove black magic

Dua is the prior in Muslim religion. Muslim people use it for daily basis and offer the prayer to Allah. And they faith that god is the only one who have power to remove all kind of hurdles from them. And Muslim astrologer gives priority to the victim to use Dua to remove black magic effect. Because they believe that god never see their child in pain so they remove the problem and bless with happy life.

Istikhara against black magic

Istikhara is also the way which uses for making to complete any kind of desires and wishes to Allah. According to Muslim astrologer if you have a good intention and genuine intention behind your prayer then god never ever refuse your wish they truly complete your wish.  And black magic is such a problem which can’t solve without the help of Allah and Istikhara against black magic is the way which helps to do that because as being of normal people we never defeat black magic by our self.