Are you the person who is too much frustrated cause of your marriage life issues but still you want to save your marriage with your partner but your partner is not supporting you and they wants to get separate from you but you don’t want to do this and reason of that you wants to know that how to stop separation when one partner want? So you are the perfect place we are here to make help you. In today’s time separation is a very normal thing for a couple because they are not having time for each other and to avoid daily conflicts and problems they just want to get separate. But it’s not compulsory that if you want to get separate then your spouse also wants the same because every person has their own will power. It may be possible that you have good will power but your spouse doesn’t have that much to tolerate these all and reason of that they want to get separate from you. So in this situation, we want to suggest you to use Muslim astrology. By using Muslim astrology you can easily make convince them and can save your married life.

Istikhara to resolve marriage life conflicts

Conflicts, problems, issues, ups, and downs are the part of every marriage relationship because when two different nature people take part in marriage life than having conflicts and issues are the normal thing but it depends on the couple that how they take this all and how Quickly and effectively they make solve out this. If you are the couple who have the complaint that you try to give your best but still your married life is not getting back on track then you should take help of Istikhara to resolve marriage life conflicts. Istikhara will make resolve your problem and make your marriage life happier for once again.